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Surat, South West Region, Queensland - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions - Where to Go, What to See and Do

Listed Below are the Surat - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions - Find where to Go, what to See and Do.

Surat is a small rural town on the Balonne River, located about 75 km south of Roma and 450 km west of Brisbane. Surat services the Waroo Shire, which is a major producer of beef, wool, wheat, oil and gas and more recently grapes and olives. The local weir which provides water for irrigation is a popular spot for canoeing, kayaking, boating and fishing. Hunters can join wild pig safaris. Surat is the major supply centre for the surrounding Waroo Shire, which is renowned for its prodcution of beef, wheat, wool, oil and gas. Recently the area surrounding Surat has become a substantial producer of olives and muscat grapes. The nearby weir pool on the Balonne River which provides irrigation water and the town's water supply is also a popular spot for all sorts of water sports and for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Keen hunters can also take part in wild pig safaris. Although beef cattle and sheep are major resources of this area, natural gas is still supplied to Brisbane from the from the Roma district. St George, south of Surat, is at the centre of a rich cotton-growing district.


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