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Muttaburra - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions
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Muttaburra is a small grazing and historic town located in the Central West Region in Queensland, on the banks of the Thomson River, about 120 m north of the town of Longreach and 84 km north of Aramac. Muttaburra is located within the Barcaldine Regional Council area and the area around Muttaburra and Aramac is mostly is used for sheep and cattle grazing. The area is part of an ancient inland sea that is now rich with fossils. The remains of a previously unknown dinosaur 2.5m high from the hip and 12m long, has been named Muttaburrasaurus after the town and you can see a full-sized replica of the Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni, in the town. Some of the local attractions include: # The Pumphole - a fishing spot 4km up the Thomson River # The Broadwater - a long stretch of water suitable for fishing and water skiing. # Union Hole - a large water hole and site of the Union Main Camp during the Historic shearer`s strike. # The fascinating history of Harry Redford which included cunning, audacity, chicanery and wonderful bushmanship that formed the basis of Rolf Boldrewood`s novel `Robbery Under Arms`.


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