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Macleay Island - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions
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Listed Below are the Macleay Island - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions - Find where to Go, what to See and Do.
Macleay Island is 6.5km long and 4km wide at its widest point, making it the second largest of the magnificent Moreton Bay Islands. The island has rich volcanic soil, diverse native flora and fauna along its mangrove covered foreshores with scattered sandy beaches. Macleay Island rises to about 19m above sea level. There are more than 200 species of birds on the island and the surrounding waters have dugongs, dolphins and turtles. The island offers peaceful and relaxed lifestyles for day-trippers and holiday makers, supported by excellent amenities and wonderful attractions including fabulous boating, fishing and swimming. It is an excellent holiday destination with a wide range of bayside properties for rent. The four other islands, accessible by boat and ferry, areRussell Island, Karragarra Island, Coochiemudlo Island and Lamb Island.

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Macleay Island

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