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The former gold mining town of Georgetown is located on the Etheridge River in North West Queensland, about 410 km west of Cairns and 300 km east of Normanton. Georgetown is the centre of the Etheridge Shire Council area that includes the nearby settlements of Forsayth, Mt Surprise and Einasleigh. The Etheridge River was the location of a gold rush in the 1870s and by 1900 the gold had run out. Grazing and tourism are now the primary industries in the region. The surrounding Gulf Savannah is an interesting place to visit all year and there is an all weather road from Cairns which is not affected by the wet season. The town provides a service hub at the intersection of major roads used by touring groups travelling to the south and east for the spectacular scenery and historic points of interest. Georgetown is a popular place for amateur gold prospecting. The surrounding country is rolling hills and wooded savannah grasslands. Agate Creek located about 120 km south of the town, is a favourite spot for gem fossickers. The agate in the area is mostly in `thunder eggs` and ranges from blue and red, to green and yellow, pink and white and macaroni. The Agate Creek Safari Camp offers wonderful local tours, which includes local flora and fauna, Aboriginal art and trips to the best places to fossick for quartz, jasper and agates.


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