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Diamantina National Park, Central West, QLD - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions - Where to Go, What to See and Do

Listed Below are the Diamantina National Park - Holiday Activities, Tours, Attractions - Find where to Go, what to See and Do.

The Diamantina National Park, located in the Central West Region of Queensland is located about 300 km south west of Winton beside the legendary Diamantina River with its braided channels. The river runs through red-capped ranges, gibber flats and sand dunes. The park boasts a huge array of flora and fauna including the magical Bilby and many other animals and plants. You can see a wide range of scenery and habitats if you take a tour along on the 157 km of the Warracoota Drive. Enjoy camping out and bushwalking in the natural bush setting at Hunter`s Gorge, Mundewerra Waterhole or the Gum Waterhole. You can enjoy fishing, bird watching, canoeing, kayaking and swimming and see the spectacular displays of wildflowers after rain periods. The park has a fantastic range of bushwalking tracks of various length and difficulty. The wildlife is relatively diverse for arid Queensland, with a variety of species, especially near the permanent waterholes. The Diamantina National Park is particularly rich in Aboriginal habitation sites and cultural heritage. This is a great place for a holiday.

Diamantina National Park

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