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What is About and Disclaimers for the Information provided on Australian Tours, Guides, Attractions, Activities does just what its name suggests:

It helps you Find - What to See and - What to Do on your Australian Holiday or Getaway Weekend. provides detailed Google maps showing labels for all our Activity, Attraction and Event Partners. Simply find a town or click on the maps for the location you require and you will see labels of all the activities etc. in the area. Click on the label and you will see a summary, address and a link so you can go to the owners website for details and bookings. Note - we do not have a booking system as we direct you to the owners to see all their details. The labels are colour coded according to type. also provides a page for each of the major towns, cities and locations throughout Australia that lists the activities, attractions and events with an image, a summary, a link and costs. You can go to our Towns or Region Directory, enter the Town, Region or location you are looking for, and the list will be displayed. Simply scroll through the list to find what you are after. Helpful tools allow you to search for the activity category or the specific type to narrow down your search. is the most popular Holiday Activity, Attraction Event directory in Australia and thousands of people use it every day.

So Find - What to See and - What to Do on your Australian Holiday or Getaway Weekend.

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The cost for a listing is only $45 a year!! That's it no more to pay, no commission, setup fees or on going fees. We will change the details for you at any time - simply email us.


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